MECHANICAL Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department of BCET is continuing to provide excellent facilities for education with a dedicated faculty of highly qualified and experience members. Keeping itself upto date with the latest development and trends in the field, the laboratories and workshops are well equipped with modern machines and equipments to provide the best of teaching –learning environment to the students


• To establish a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
• To establish a technologically advanced laboratory with all modern equipments so as to promote the research and development.
• To integrate academic programs with practical knowledge and co-curricular activities so as to promote the intellectual growth of the students.


• Motivated, enthusiast, knowledgeable and competent faculty members.
• Active experimental and development activities.
• Transparency in policy making and in execution and monitoring of academic programs.
• Continuously upgraded infrastructure and well equipped labs.
• Good student teacher interaction.

The Vision and Mission of the Department


To evolve as a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering by continuous endeavor in improving the teaching learning process by adopting the advancements in this specialized field of engineering, to produce socially responsible competent professionals capable of working in multicultural global environment.



1. To impart quality technical and professional education by integrating sound fundamental knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects to produce competent and responsible engineering professionals.
2. To provide an enabling environment for inculcating creative abilities, innovation, entrepreneurship with commitment to society, futuristic vision in national and global perspective.
3. To strive for shaping the Mechanical Engineering Department into a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and R&D in engineering design and analysis.
4. To improve on teaching and learning process by inculcating discipline, perseverance, effective communication skill, professional ethics and ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data for developing products in real life use with an outlook for sustainable social and industrial needs and development.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

1. Preparation: To prepare the students to succeed in industry, academic and research field.
2. Core competence: To prepare students to acquire sound fundamental and advanced knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering subjects to tackle engineering problems for the society.
3. Development of skill in engineering design and analysis: To equip the students with scientific and engineering knowledge to make them competent in analyzing, designing, conducting laboratory experiment involving multidisciplinary tasks to create products for real life use.
4. Professionalism: To transform human talents to proactive professionals and to achieve excellence through inculcating discipline, perseverance, effective communication skill, teamwork skill and professional ethics.
5. Learning environment: To provide supportive learning environment to facilitate the students excel in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in professional carrier.


1. Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics Lab.
2. Workshop Practice Lab. (Central Workshop)
3. Machine Drawing – 1 Lab.
4. Workshop Practice-II Lab.
5. Applied Mechanics Lab.
6. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab.
7. Manufacturing Technology Lab.
8. Material Testing Lab.
9. Machine Drawing-II Lab.
10. Applied Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Lab.
11. Design Practice –I Lab.
12. Metrology & Measurement Lab.
13. Machining & Machine Tools Lab.
14. IC Engine Lab.
15. Design Practice-II Lab.
16. Dynamics of Machines Lab.
17. Mechatronics Lab.
18. Advance Manufacturing Lab.